We can ditch office culture for a healthier future by teleworking

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Dean Flores served in the Assembly and state Senate from 1998-2010 and is a member of the California Air Resources Board. In this article on CalMatters,  Florz says: "For decades, there has been a push to get cars off the road by encouraging more carpooling, bike riding and the use of public transportation. But those [...]

Senator Anna Caballero Writes about the Benefits of Teleworking and Broadband

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Senator Anna Caballero says: "The impacts of work where you live, don’t live where you work started to swirl in my head. "I have been thinking about what that could mean for Greenfield, Los Banos, Merced and the Central Valley. I started to think about communities like Hollister, Westley, Patterson and more places that used [...]

Mayor John Mirisch on Teleworking and Information Highway as A New Philosophy

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CALE sees expanded teleworking and broadband connectivity as solutions to many many issues faced by cities across the state. We have a team actively addressing how to advocate for this and create legislation to support it. Here is Mayor John Mirisch speaking passionately on it as a new philosophy: