Dean Flores served in the Assembly and state Senate from 1998-2010 and is a member of the California Air Resources Board. In this article on CalMatters,  Florz says:

“For decades, there has been a push to get cars off the road by encouraging more carpooling, bike riding and the use of public transportation. But those efforts didn’t produce the seismic shift in thinking about how we work until COVID-19 forced many of us to work from home, nor did they produce the stunning impact on our air quality.

“We can leave office culture behind and embrace a healthier future of work.”

“Leaders in California and beyond are already thinking of ways to encourage telecommuting to continue. At the state level, the Air Resources Board upon which I sit, can flex its enormous power on air pollution to change the work week. Businesses should be incentivized to continue encouraging teleworking for their employees even as restrictions on shelter in place ease. The Air Resources Board can help make this shift in work culture happen with the money that industries pay to pollute by buying allowances in a carbon-trading market.”

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